Things to Do: The Hattiesburg Passport Program

the Hattiesburg Passport Program

Are you looking for fun fall adventures in Mississippi? Look no further than the Hattiesburg Passport Program for a whole new way to explore The Hub City! 

About the Hattiesburg Passport Program 

Introduced by the Hattiesburg Convention Commission in July, the Hattiesburg Passport Program is one more exciting way for visitors and locals—affectionately known as “Hattiesburgers”—to see some of the city’s best attractions.

The Hattiesburg Passport encourages explorers to visit several local landmarks and interesting places in order to get a passport stamp or take a selfie at each location to document their visit.

More specifically, out-of-towners who live more than 50 miles away can earn a free Hattiesburg Passport T-shirt after visiting five of the current nine spots. Hattiesburgers, on the other hand, need seven stamps to claim their prize. 

More about the stops

For now, the Hattiesburg Passport Program includes nine Hattiesburg Convention Commission attractions, with two more coming in 2024. If you are ready to start your own Hattiesburg Passport travels, check out your choices:

The two new passport stops that are coming soon include the Oseola McCarty House and Serengeti Springs at the Hattiesburg Zoo.

Where to pick up your Hattiesburg Passport

Tourists and residents can pick up their Hattiesburg Passport at one of three locations. First, you can stop by the Hattiesburg Visitor’s Center, located at 5 Convention Center Plaza.

Or, passports can be found at the African American Military History Museum at 305 E. Sixth St., which happens to be one of the official passport stops.

Finally, a Hattiesburg Passport can be picked up at yet another official stop, the Hattiesburg Zoo Gift Shop, 107 S. 17th St. Technically, the entire zoo is the stop, not just the gift shop.

But if you make the Zoo’s Gift Shop your last stop, you can go ahead and claim your free Hattiesburg Passport T-shirt! 


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