Things To Do: Sample the HattiesBURGER Trail

sample the HattiesBURGER Trail

Looking for something different to do this spring? March into one of 33 locations around town, order a big juicy burger and sample the HattiesBURGER Trail destinations, bite by bite, burger by burger!

About HattiesBURGER Trail

Did you know that residents officially claimed the nickname “Hattiesburger” in 2016? It’s true! Hence, the playful name of the tasty trail.

Officially launched in October 2020 to kick off Hattiesburg’s annual restaurant week, residents and locals can still sample the HattiesBURGER Trail at their leisure. And you can start the trail from any one of its designated stops.

Not only is the burger trail a fun way to eat your way around town, it will literally take you all around town. There are restaurants, cafes and food trucks along the way. There are stops from downtown to the Avenues to midtown and West Hattiesburg.

Plan your visit

When you are ready to sample the HattiesBURGER Trail, it may be a good idea to plan out your route. But before you can chomp your way through The Hub City’s best burgers in town, you may need to decide what kind of burger you’re in the mood for.

There are good old-fashioned burgers, specialty burgers, gourmet burgers and everything in between. A good place to start the HattiesBURGER Trail is with the burger trail brochure or the interactive map.

Wondering how you’ll know if a place is part of the trail? It’s simple. Look for the official trail stop sticker.

Get social

Add to the fun of sampling burgers featured on the HattiesBURGER Trail by taking a picture of it before the first bite. Post your burger pictures on social media using #EatHburg to show off your culinary tastes and community spirit!

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Whether you decide to hit the trail for a delicious, one-of-a-kind Hattiesburger or get creative in your Point O’Woods kitchen, life in The Hub City is full of flavor! Are you looking for your next home in our city? Contact us to ask about upcoming availability! For more community news, keep reading our blogs