Happening Now: Zombieburg 2022

Zombieburg 2022

Halloween has arrived, and it has brought a slew of zombies with it! Zombieburg 2022 has infiltrated Hattiesburg, and they need your help in taking down the un-dead.

About Zombieburg

Zombieburg is a laser tag zombie experience hosted by The Hub. In this interactive game, 10 to 12 participants will be guided through a trail winding through the woods, taking on and battling zombies! And they won’t go down easy. We hear those zombies are mighty hungry.

Do you think you could live through The Walking Dead? Gather up your friends and put your zombie-killing knowledge to the test this month. This outdoor laser tag experience will be sure to test your skills dealing with the living dead.

Trekking through the infested woods with only your laser tag blaster to protect you, do you think you have what it takes to survive?

When and where

Zombieburg 2022 is open every weekend in October.

Head on over to Thomley’s Christmas Tree Farm located at 50 Hegwood Road in Hattiesburg to take on the zombie apocalypse for yourself. But be careful. Those woods are full of flesh-hungry zombies waiting for you to enter!


You can reserve your spot and book tickets online now. You don’t want to miss this experience!

Want a souvenir from your zombie fight? Check out the two Zombieburg 2022 T-shirt designs here.


Have you ever wondered if you could survive among the walking dead? Do you think you know a lot about zombies? Now is your chance to find out! Experience Zombieburg 2022 this month.

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