In the News: Redevelopment of Jaycee and Kamper Parks

redevelopment of Jaycee and Kamper parks

News of the redevelopment of Jaycee and Kamper parks means big things for the Hub City’s sports and recreational offerings!

Updates for Jaycee Park

To summarize the redevelopment of Jaycee and Kamper parks, think baseball, softball, tournaments plus a new water park within the Hattiesburg Zoo!

Plans for the redevelopment of Jaycee Park includes relocating the Dixie Boys baseball field, Cameron Field. Cameron Field is currently located at Kamper Park, which is also home to the zoo.

In addition to relocating and improving the baseball field, a new softball field will be built at Jaycee Park for use by the Hattiesburg High School softball team. The field will be converted into a second baseball field as needed.

The ball fields will be retrofitted with synthetic turf, include more bullpen space, awnings over bleachers, upgraded concession areas, restrooms and more.

Eventually, the improved ball fields and park will be one of the highest-quality fields for Dixie Boys baseball, which will be good for hosting future tournaments.

Construction on the relocation of Cameron Field to Jaycee Park is underway. If all goes accordingly, the expected completion date is Dixie Boys’ opening day 2023.

Updates for Kamper Park

As far as the new water park coming to the African exhibit within Hattiesburg Zoo, it will be known as Serengeti Springs. Plans for the project will be carried out in two phases.

Phase one will feature a lazy river, a huge water play structure with several spray toys, a swim-up bar, lounging areas and more. The projected completion date for phase one is the summer of 2023.

Phase two will include the addition of four water slides.

For more on the projects

Visit for more details about the Cameron Field and Jaycee Park construction project.

More info about Serengeti Springs at the Hattiesburg Zoo can be found here.


From the redevelopment of Jaycee and Kamper parks to a growing downtown, Hattiesburg continues to live up to its nickname. Are you currently looking for a new hub in the city? Contact us today to ask about our one- and two-bedroom apartments! For more community news and things to do, keep reading our blogs!