New Business Spotlight: Boho Platter Co.

Boho Platter Co.

Maybe you want a new way to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. Or, you’re already planning for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you want to treat your loved ones on their birthdays. No matter what you’re celebrating, there are plenty of tasty options in store fromthe new Boho Platter Co., near Gordons Creek. Keep reading to learn all about this tasty local business, specializing in luxurious charcuterie boards!

About Boho Platter Co.

Boho Platter Co. creates a wide array of delicious charcuterie boards. Their boards feature meats, cheeses, crackers, dried fruit, veggies, edible flowers, and so much more. You can also choose among multiple options, depending on who you’re serving!

All the options

For instance, they have mini boxes, designed to feed two to four people. They also sell charcuterie cones, which come packed with goodies. You can order these in quantities of 12 to 200.

Additionally, they feature platters, with options like classic charcuterie, sandwiches, and fresh fruit. If you’re holding a big event with at least 50 people, you can also order a table!

By the way, for those who are planning for Valentine’s Day, Boho Platter Co. sells both chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate-dipped fruit boxes.

See their options here and learn more about their tables here.

More on their grand opening

It’s important to shop local! Boho Platter Co. highlighted that fact during their official grand opening on November 27—also known as Shop Small Saturday. They offered warm apple cider and free charcuterie cups for the first 50 guests. Yum!

Visiting details

Now we feel a big craving for charcuterie coming on! If you feel the same way, stop by Boho Platter Co. at 127 Buschman St.,Suite 20.

Have a question about hours or orders? Call them at 601-433-7715 or email them at [email protected].

For your convenience, you can even order online. Get started here.


Next time you hold an event, you know who to hire for catering: Boho Platter Co. They can put together beautiful boards for dates, weddings, showers, and anything else you may need. Shopping—and eating—local really does have its perks!

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