Now Open: New Raising Cane’s in Hattiesburg

new Raising Cane's in Hattiesburg

The Hub City is known for many things, and thanks to the new Raising Cane’s in Hattiesburg, we can add one more. Did you know Hattiesburg is officially home to the South’s largest Raising Cane’s? You do now!

Now Open!

The new Raising Cane’s in Hattiesburg opened a little over a month ago on Hardy Street. Basically, it’s two doors down from the original Hattiesburg location. However, the restaurant is bigger, and the lot size doubled from 25,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet!

Raising Cane’s was once serving their ONE LOVE out of a single drive-thru lane with a single entrance off busy Hardy Street that tended to cause traffic jams.

Today, the Cane’s crew is slinging tasty tenders, extra-long and crispy fries, fresh slaw and Raising Cane’s signature sauce with double cook lines, double drive thru lanes and two entrances. Caniacs can easily access the new Raising Cane’s in Hattiesburg from Hardy Street or North 36th Avenue.

What’s the end game? Hattiesburg’s Raising Cane’s is raising its standards. With this new design and location, they hope to serve twice as many guests in the same amount of time.

The Menu

It’s simple. Like the sign says, Raising Cane’s has but one love—the chicken finger. To that end, the menu is limited to serving high-quality, made-to-order chicken finger meals. The basic box includes just what you think it would.

It comes with four hand-dipped, breaded and freshly-fried fingers, crinkle fries, slaw, Texas toast and one sauce. Of course, you can make it a combo and add a 22-ounce drink.

Location, Hours and Social

Find the new Raising Cane’s in Hattiesburg at 3703 Hardy St. They are open for business seven days a week at 9 a.m. On Sunday through Wednesday, closing time is 2 a.m. Weekends start on Thursday and last through Saturday with closing time at 3:30 a.m.

Keep your finger on Raising Cane’s latest and greatest news and events by finding them on social! You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


The good news for Point O’Woods residents is the new Raising Cane’s in Hattiesburg is less than five minutes away! Unfortunately, we can’t predict how long you might have to wait for your chicken fingers. But we can suggest killing time by reading Raising Cane’s humble, hardworking backstory or at the very least “awwing” over the yellow lab namesake!

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