Local Spotlight: Hattiesburg Utility Boxes

Hattiesburg utility boxes

Hattiesburg utility boxes are multitaskers. More than circuit boxes meant to keep the electric grid from overloading, The Hub City’s utility boxes are also works of art!

Might As Well Decorate it

Hattiesburg’s progressive approach to public art took fun and expected turns thanks to the pandemic. In response to finding safe ways for both residents and visitors to enjoy the city, community leaders and local artists got creative.

The Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art first established the Public Art Trail last year as a way to get out, get inspired and easily socially distance. The art trail features a vivid collection of murals, paintings and sculptures designed by local and national artists.

Earlier this year, Hattiesburg utility boxes were added to the list! Why not put a little color and flare on existing infrastructure while offering the chance to showcase the talents of local artists?

Now about 20 utility boxes around town are true masterpieces. Themes range from empowering to uplifting to thought-provoking. But the end results are all the same—beautiful art!

More Art to Explore

As you spot Hattiesburg utility boxes around town, take in the murals and sculptures on the art trail too. Click here for the Public Art Trail brochure. However, those aren’t the only creative inspirations worth exploring.

Add the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum to the list! Mississippi’s tiniest museum comes from yet another big idea. Once again, during 2020, inspiration struck. This time for the historic Saenger Theater and the Hattiesburg Convention Commission.

Together they transformed an old boarded-up window in the theater’s storeroom into a mini-museum. Exhibits change often. Sometimes they are cute. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they are weird. One thing the tiny dioramas always are is interesting and free to the public!


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