In the News: Two New Historic Landmarks in Hattiesburg

Two New Historic Landmarks in Hattiesburg

The Hattiesburg Historic Conservation Commission forges a future by protecting the past and ensuring the historically significant places, people and their stories continue to teach valuable life lessons. This is one reason why the commission is pleased with the recent addition of two new historic landmarks in Hattiesburg.

The Smith Drug Company

According to an article published on Hattiesburg American, local pharmacist Hammond Smith opened The Smith Drug Company in 1925 on Mobile Street. His brother, Charles Smith, was a doctor, and his practice was located on the second floor of the original building. Their brother, Grover Smith, was a dentist whose office was also located on Mobile Street.

The three brothers were sons of freed slaves who became educators. As such, they stressed the importance of education to their sons. Each successfully went into the medical field at a time when educational opportunities for blacks were scarce.

In 1954, the current building was constructed with a soda fountain and ice cream counter included. This made it a neighborhood hot spot for families in what is known at the Twin Forks area.  Hammond was one of the first registered black voters in Hattiesburg, and the Smith Drug Company became a hub for voter registration during the Civil Rights Movement.

Residents of the city can learn and celebrate this rich, proud history with Smith Drug Company being one of the two new historic landmarks in Hattiesburg.

Officer’s Quarter Townhomes

The Officer’s Quarter Townhomes, located at 112 Second Ave., are now also recognized as a historic landmark. Originally named The Maynard Apartments by property owner A. B. Maynard in 1941, they architect Henry G. Markel constructed them.

According to a recent article on The Pine Belt News, part of what makes this complex historically significant is the fact that local Hattiesburg businesses provided all of the building supplies. Businessses include Hattiesburg Brock Works, Pioneer Furniture, and Hattiesburg Steel and Foundry, among others.

The complex provided housing for army families during World War II. After the war, the eight units became civilian apartments.

Present Day Uses of the Historic Landmarks

The city, current owners of Smith Drug Company is currently renovating the space. It will join the growing Sixth Street Museum District. It will primarily serve as a meeting facility once construction is complete.

The Officer’s Quarter Townhomes still provide housing for individuals. Coolhart Properties purchased the complex in 2005 and renovated it into townhomes available for purchase.


This city continues to be dynamic with a rich history and bright future as demonstrated by the two new historic landmarks in Hattiesburg. If you are searching for a place of your own, come visit Point O’ Woods Apartments. To find out more about us and Hattiesburg, check out our other blogs!