On Campus: USM’s Highest Enrollment in Six Years

USM's Highest Enrollment in Six Years

Classes at The University of Southern Mississippi filled up fast! In fact, in fall 2020, so many students signed up that they led to USM’s highest enrollment in six years. So, if you see a bunch of new faces in class—or on your Zoom lessons—say hello to latest class to cheer on the Golden Eagles.

How many students enrolled this year?

You know now that records have revealed USM’s highest enrollment in six years—but it always helps to look at the numbers. All in all, 14,606 USM students enrolled in classes for the fall 2020 semester. That’s also—obviously—an increase from the numbers during that time in 2019, rising from 14,133. To state the math simply: 473 more students signed up for classes!

More on the Class of 2024

The class of 2024 should be proud of themselves already! Even though they’ve just begun their college career, they’ve earned several great collective achievements. For instance, these new students boast a significantly higher ACT score, compared to averages across the nation. The Class of 2024 claims an average point value of 23.06—nearly three points more than 2020’s nationwide composite average score of 20.6. Plus, their average GPA clocks in at GPA of 3.45—another new milestone for the school.

And just think—soon, all these brilliant students will be out there, making the world a better place!

More on the Majors USM Has to Offer

Inspired by the class of 2024? Thinking of going back to school? Planning for your future? USM will help you hone your skills and find a fulfilling career. Some of the majors that they offer include:

  • Forensics;
  • Criminal Justice;
  • Interior Design;
  • Theatre;
  • Anthropology;
  • Child and Family Studies;
  • Journalism;
  • Marine Biology;
  • Public Relations and Advertising;
  • And more.


A good education is always something to celebrate—and Hattiesburg has actually been named the most-educated city in the state! This month, we’re excited to learn that this past fall led to USM’s highest enrollment in six years. Congratulations to all those future graduates out there—and until then, study hard!

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