In the News: Hattiesburg is Mississippi’s Most Educated City

Hattiesburg is Mississippi's Most Educated City

We don’t mean to brag, but it’s true: Hattiesburg is Mississippi’s most educated city. That’s right—you’re living among fellow brainiacs. Now, you can educate yourself even further by learning why we’ve earned this special distinction.

Who determined the most educated city in Mississippi?

Ever heard of Insurify? This company makes its living helping people figure out which insurance prices help them get the most bang for their buck—so it’s safe to say that they’re pretty smart themselves. They’re also the ones who determined that Hattiesburg is Mississippi’s most educated city.

How did Insurify find out that Hattiesburg is the most educated city in Mississippi?

Education can factor into the price of insurance—and so can your GPA. Yes, your grade point average really does matter outside of school! As Insurify gathered the information necessary to help people find the lowest insurance quotes, they were also able to calculate which city our state scored highest.

How? They plugged in those two variables (GPA and education), as well as the academic achievements of the applicants involved. Once they finished putting in the data they learned that our hometown is filled with highly-educated scholars.

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Here’s a fact that casts our achievement into an even brighter spotlight: this is the second year running that our town has won this honor. As it turns out, a big reason why we’ve scored so high is because of the young people in our workforce—and their great educations.

Plus, having William Carey University and The University of Southern Mississippi right here doesn’t hurt our scores either! So, go ahead and brag. After all, you’re a part of a city of distinguished minds!


Hattiesburg is Mississippi’s most educated city—and we can’t say we’re surprised. We know a whole lot of smart scholars around town, like our wonderful residents.

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