Local Spotlight: The University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi

From all-night study sessions to vibrant student life, college is one of the most memorable milestones of a lifetime. It serves as the first foray for many into adulthood, and readies for future careers. Here in Hattiesburg, we have our own homegrown higher education institution: the University of Southern Mississippi. It’s where the Golden Eagles soar to new heights—in academia and opportunity.

Academic Life

Founded in 1910, the University of Southern Mississippi has collected its share of academic accolades throughout its history. The university’s Honors College is the sixth oldest in the nation. Plus, it is now recognized as a top-tier research institution with Carnegie R1 status.

For students, the university caters to majors of all stripes. From accounting to world languages, the University of Southern Mississippi offers degree paths and courses to accommodate career goals. Beyond undergraduate, students enrolled at the university can pursue advanced degrees in almost as many areas of study. A tailored sport security management MBA and robust marine science master’s program have received particular renown.

Student Life

When it’s time to set aside the textbooks for the afternoon or weekend, what can you expect from student life? At the University of Southern Mississippi, quite a whole lot! The university boasts more than 220 student organizations and 30 study abroad programs to enrich your collegiate experience.

Cheer on the Golden Eagles at the big game, take to the green with friends, hit the gym, and more! There are plenty of places to get plugged into at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Arts and Athletics

Patrons of the arts and sports enthusiasts, alike, will enjoy their time at the University of Southern Mississippi. The university stands as one of only 37 institutions in the U.S. supporting accredited dance, music, art and design, and theatre programs. Plus, with more than 300 arts events each year, the university offers a home to those with an artistic inclination.

Jumping to athletics, the university offers something for all stripes of sports junkies. From football to volleyball, there’s almost always a Golden Eagle to go cheer for!


Home to the Golden Eagles, the University of Southern Mississippi and its main campus call Hattiesburg home. It’s a huge part of what makes life around here happening.

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