7 Quick Facts About Hattiesburg, Mississippi

facts about Hattiesburg, Mississippi

You don’t have to go to school or a museum to brush up on your knowledge. In fact, you can learn from home right now! So go ahead—you can try these interesting facts about Hattiesburg, Mississippi on for size.

What’s in a Nick-Name?

We’re called the Hub City! If you’re wondering how we got that nickname, it’s because of our trains. These days, people around here prefer to drive, but back in the 19th and early 20th centuries, railroads ran the game. Hattiesburg was a huge connector—hence the nickname.

Victorian Victory

Many beautiful Victorian homes still stand in Hattiesburg. You can even visit them in a horse-drawn carriage during the annual Victorian Candlelit Christmas event at the end of the year.

We’ve Found Our, Well, Founder

Our town was founded by an engineer! You may know his name: William H. Hardy.

Many Museums

Though many of us are staying home right now, we’ll have many museums to visit later. Hattiesburg is home to quite a few! They include:

Save the Date

Hattiesburg was founded all the way back in 1882. That means we’re entering our 138th year!

“Wood” You Like to Know?

Have you ever seen wooden structures around our town? Most likely, you haven’t! Why? Well, back in in the 1890’s, they were forbidden. Sadly, many caught fire back then, so the safest thing to do was choose different building materials.

The Sensational Saenger Theatre

You may have seen the Saenger Theatre. Well, one of our facts about Hattiesburg, Mississippi shows that this building is actually on the National Register of Historic Places.


Home sweet Hattiesburg—that’s where we live! Each and every day, we find something wonderful to love about our town. These quick facts about Hattiesburg, Mississippi just come to show how much our community has grown and changed over the years.

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