Local Spotlight: Hub City Humane Society

Hub City Humane Society

After a long day of work, school, or even both, there’s nothing better than spending a little quality time with some sweet faces! That’s why we suggest visiting and volunteering at the Hub City Humane Society in Hattiesburg.

More on the Hub City Humane Society

Our local humane society provides a place for cats and dogs in need. The shelter is open admission, which means that people can bring in strays or find help in getting abused or neglected animals away from dangerous homes. The Hub City Humane Society then takes care of them until the time comes for them to find a loving place to live.

That’s not all the Hub City Humane Society does! They also help with a local dog park, Fields of Barktopia. Plus, their organization Heartworm Heroes can help pups get treatment for heartworms.

Why is it important to adopt?

You may have heard the phrase “adopt, not shop.” So, what does it mean?

Well, many local animals already need homes! Not only are they already out there, but there’s limited space for them at shelters. Even if you’re hoping to find a specific breed, it’s possible to find that kind of pet at local shelter or even a rescue organization.

Visiting Details

Thinking of paying a visit to the Hub City Humane Society? It’s located at 95 Jackson Road in Hattiesburg. You can head on over from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday to Friday or 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday or you’re welcome to give them a call at 601-596-2206.

You can also check out some of the local kitties and pups available for adoption on the Hub City Humane Society website here. They’re almost too cute to handle!


Giving your time to the animals at the Hub City Humane Society is a great way to volunteer. Be sure to bring your family and friends and make the most of your time with the sweet pups and kittens!

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